VIDEO: Marines Don’t Normally Cry, But This Made Him Completley Lose It. I’M CRYING

Gunnery Sergeant Taylor is a Marine that has been gone about a year in Afghanistan. He and his unit are one of the last groups to return home. He is stationed in California but his family is in Maryland, so he isn’t expecting anyone to be there to welcome him home since it is so far away.

He leads his unit in marching, where family and friends have been waiting. You could hear a pin drop it was so quiet other than the voice of Sergeant Taylor. When they stop they stand at parade rest waiting to hear “fall out.”

Once they hear the command they turn around looking for family and friends. Sergeant Taylor shakes hands of his fellow Marines and smiles having no idea that his wife is behind him. After shaking a few more hands he slowly turns and he sees his wife.

The surprise on his face is priceless. He hugs her while tears begin to form. He is overtaken by surprise and happiness. They continue to hug while his head is buried on her shoulder. He finally raises his head and she wipes away his tears and gently kisses him. After that she has a message for him. “I will always be waiting for you.”

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