VIDEO: Man Strings Up Tetherball In Forest. And When A Ram Sees It? He Does Something HILARIOUS!

When Nelson Bomber strung up a tetherball to hang down across a forest path and mounted some hidden cameras in the trees, he was able to get amazing videos of Angry Ram angrily “head butting” that ball quite a few times as it swung back and forth. Many human beings get out their aggression by using punching bags, so why shouldn’t Angry Ram be given a similar outlet?

Angry Ram got his name from a previous owner who could not keep him from destroying property and attacking passersby, and the creature was about to be destroyed because of his aggressiveness. Instead, the owner of a wooded habitat was able to obtain him and release the animal into a 100-acre unfenced property in the forest near Nelson, New Zealand. The ram, his female companion, and his offspring are free to roam through thousands of adjoining acres but have chosen to remain close by.

Requests came to put a GoPro velcro-like camera on the ram in order to film him, so several men tracked him down, mounted the camera on his back tied loosely with string, and sustained a few bruises and cuts in the process. However, the deed was accomplished even though Angry Ram vented his fury on the rear of the car by denting the back door and caving in the bumper.

Documenting Angry Ram’s adventures has become a regular pastime, and some of his videos on YouTube include “Low flying drone gets taken out by Angry Ram”, “Motorcyclist ambushed by Angry Ram,” “Angry Ram attacks Toyota Hilus” and others.

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