VIDEO: Looks Like A Normal Dog. But When He Approaches His Owner, My Jaw Is On The FLOOR

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for being fighters who are mean and not trustworthy. A 174-pound pit bull proves those theories wrong. The Hulk, a 17-month-old pit, is a gentle giant when his owner attempts to give him a toy. The Hulk gently jumps up near her to get the toy, but when he cannot reach it, he backs off then tries again without ever touching his owner.

The video of the owner and dog are a bit scary because you never know what could happen. The breed he comes from is known as a notorious killer that should not be allowed to live. The Hulk is the largest pit bull known, but was trained to be gentle and loving rather than a fighter. It just goes to show that any dog can learn how to behave from the person who raises it.

Pit bulls are one of the breeds of dogs that are quickly judged as an animal that should be exterminated. Pit owners across the nation are fighting to save the breed from certain extinction.

Laws in many cities even prohibit people from owning these loveable creatures because they are afraid of what they do not really know. The owners just want to keep and love their pets when they pose no threat to others.

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