VIDEO: Learn How To Make The Most Adorable Cupcakes Ever! It’s Easier Than You Think…

The Minions are very popular. These adorable little yellow creatures, originally from Despicable Me, are the perfect theme for any child’s party, school event, or holiday celebration. Making Minion cupcakes is simple and quick and sure to bring smiles to everyone.

What You Need:

Cake Mix and Ingredients
Cupcake Wrappers (preferably blue)
Vanilla Frosting
Blue Food Dye
Tube of Black Icing

Putting It Together

Make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box. As the cupcakes are cooking, start cutting the Twinkies in half, these will be the body of your Minions.

Decorate each body half by drawing a face on the Twinkie with the black piping. To make the eyes, place a dab of white frosting on the face first so that you can draw around it for the full effect of the eyes. Don’t forget to give some of them a few strands of hair!

After the cupcakes cool, mix the remaining white frosting with some blue food coloring until you get the desired color you want. Apply generously to the top of the cupcakes. This frosting serves as their “clothes” and holds the Twinkies in place.

Now you have a group of edible Minions that are perfect for any party.

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