VIDEO: Kid Rock Wants Those Who Oppose The Confederate Flag To Kiss His A**

Don’t count Kid Rock among those who are calling for the immediate takedown of Confederate flags and other symbols of the Civil War-era South. The recent tragic shooting deaths of several black parishioners in a Charleston, SC, church by a suspect found to have posed with Confederate flags led to a new national debate about states having these symbols on display.

The state of South Carolina decided to remove the Confederate flag from its property after a lengthy debate. Other states have made similar decisions. But many people deny the Confederate flag represents negatives like racism and slavery. They instead consider it part of a more noble heritage.

That’s a view shared by singer Kid Rock, who is known for flying the Confederate flag at his concerts. The Detroit-based musician dismissed anti-Confederate flag demonstrations in his home state, saying, “Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass.”

Rock’s position on the Confederate flag and the symbolism it represents to many may seem at odds with his actions. The singer noted in a January 2015 interview with The Guardian that he had played Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States.

“I didn’t agree with his policies, but there was an exciting sense of change in the air,” Rock said. “That promise hasn’t been fulfilled. The country is more divided than ever.”

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