VIDEO: Ken Burns On The Confederate Flag: It was ALL About ‘Slavery, Slavery, Slavery!’

The Civil War was a pretty scary time – brothers killed brothers over the right to own other human beings. It was chaotic. It was dangerous. And it was won by the North 150 years ago. But there there are still people today in America who fly the Confederate Flag and support Southern Confederate ideals. Why? No one’s really sure.

Ken Burns, a historian explained in a new video that in South Carolina’s Articles of secession slavery was mentioned, but states right to sovereignty is not. This means that slavery was the main and driving cause of the civil war.

750,000 Americans died during the Civil War – a staggering number. Three quarters of a million Americans slaughtered each other because plantation owners were too lazy and too stubborn to pick their own cotton.

Burns also observed that race is still an issue in America today, though it is one that many try to avoid discussing. However much the conversation is avoided, though, it is glaringly obvious that America’s racial inequalities persist, but by no means have we solved the problem of racial tension. People who ignorantly try to deny that the Confederate Flag is tied to racism and slavery do not truly understand the bloody and horrific history behind it.

The video of Burner discussing the history of the Confederate Flag has gone viral. It has been shared over 25,439 times on Facebook. Check it out and learn for yourself!

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