VIDEO: Keep Your Eye On The Dog As His Owner Steps Near The Edge of The Pool

This backyard pool party gets an unexpected dose of slapstick comedy when a mischievous labrador retriever named Toyo decides to help party guests take the plunge. Again and again, he sneaks up behind people standing poolside, then jumps up and gives them just the right nudge to send them off the edge and into the pool, to shrieks of amusement from the other swimmers. Toyo’s “victims” don’t seem to mind one bit. They join good-naturedly in the laughter and enjoy their refreshing unplanned dip in the pool.

Don’t miss the link in the article that takes you to the hilarious video of a golden retriever who must have been absent from dog-training school the day they taught “catch.” His owner tosses treat after treat — tacos, strawberries, donuts, hot dogs — and Fritz tries his hardest but somehow manages to miss catch after catch, until he finally gets lucky and snags a french fry in midair, to a round of applause from his fans.

Another link takes us to Baxter, an energetic pup having the time of his life cooling off with a lawn sprinkler, nipping playfully at the water and dancing back and forth through the spray.

It’s all part of a thread about bringing your canine pals along for outdoor fun, now that winter is past and it’s perfect weather for getting out in nature. You’ll have a hard time stepping away from this series, with every story linking to more adorable dogs enjoying outdoor life with their human friends!

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