VIDEO: Just When You Thought Romney Couldn’t Get More Idiotic He Does This

2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who now enjoys a reemergence following his success in stumping for candidates in the mid-term elections, was a guest on the set of “Face the Nation” and had strong counsel for the president.

On the subject of President Obama unilaterally creating new immigration legislation without the Constitutional requirement that Congress submit legislation to him, Romney reminded the president that by his own admission, his policies were on the ballot. Romney went on to explain that voters sent the president a loud message of what they thought of his policies.

This requires the president accept the voter mandate and allow the GOP majorities to design immigration reform and send it to him. However, Gov. Romney expressed that he views invoking a government shutdown something that should be viewed less favorably than other more beneficial solutions. At the same time, the GOP may not have much choice but the power of the purse if the president creates his own immigration law which Romney admitted is extra-Constitutional and temporary in nature.

Romney cited how as Massachusetts governor he tried to break the Democrats’ grip on power by running GOP candidates for both chambers of the legislature. He lost without a single seat pickup. His response was to work with the Democrat majority to do the people’s bidding. By the same token, he explained that President Obama must do with same with the GOP on a wide range of issues given that they won the election. He said that creating his own laws is a violation of the Constitution and not in the best interest of his presidency.

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