VIDEO: Just When You Thought Pat Robertson Couldn’t Disgust You Anymore, He Does This. GROSS

Pat Robertson is known for telling others what he thinks about issues that go on in America. His latest comments aren’t a surprise to some, but they are harsh to those who are in the situation and who support those in that situation. Robertson has recently said that single mothers should get married or they will go to hell.

The women shouldn’t simply get married by choice. He believes they should be forced to get married. The reason he made the statements was because a father had called the 700 Club, a show that Robertson hosts.

This father has been doing everything possible to force his daughter to get married. The woman has been divorced a couple times, and she doesn’t want to go through the pain of a divorce again or get married again.

This woman has decided to tell her other children that she and her boyfriend are married, but they really aren’t. This isn’t something that she should do, but she shouldn’t be forced to get married, either. Robertson gave his strong view on what women should do, and that includes cooking, cleaning and having babies after they are married or being forced to get married after they have babies.

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