VIDEO: Judges Are BAFFLED And On Their Feet When They Sees Who’s Singing On Stage

Harrison Craig was the winner of the second season of the voice in Australia. In fact, “More Than A Dream,” which was his debut album, was #1 on the Australian music charts. of course, this set the bar pretty high for all of his work in the music industry for the future. It is surprising to know before he became such a success in music, he was actually fighting a speech impediment. However, he loved singing in spite of his condition and started singing at the age of 9. At 18, he went to The Voice. His first performance was a lovely rendition of “Broken Vow.” This piece has become popular recently after Josh Groban did a cover of the song; the song was originally written by Lara Fabian.

The Voice is a program that is broadcasted in different countries, with different contests going on in each country. What can be truly inspiring about this show is seeing people’s passion for music, both in the contestants and in the audience. In the case of Harrison Craig, one truly touching moment is when his younger brother started crying while he was watching his brother’s performance.

The judges were truly impressed with his performance as well, with Seal actually being brought to his feet as he watched him sing.

His incredible performance is proof that an impediment or condition can be overcome. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who wants to accomplish goals in spite of obstacles they have been handed.

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