VIDEO: Judge Was Caught Doing Something Very Illegal, But Her Punishment Will Leave You Furious

How is this one for a smack in the face? A judge just got her DUI charge thrown out of court because of the connections that she has within the judicial system. At least, that is what everyone is saying as Nora Longoria got her case thrown out.

Longoria is a judge on the 13th Court of Appeals in Hidalgo County, Texas. When she was pulled over by the arresting officer she had been driving just under 70mph in a 55mph zone. The officer asked if she had had any alcohol to drink and the woman said that she had consumed five beers that evening, but that she had no alcohol in the presiding three hours before the incident. She was asked to perform a variety of sobriety tests which she failed.

The officer had also detected the scent of alcohol on her breath. Longoria become unruly as the officers tried to arrest her. She began to say that she just lived a few miles away and that they were going to ruin her life with this charge.

She even reportedly refused to be handcuffed at first until the officers were able to force that upon her. Despite all of this behavior, the judge in this case decided to toss out the case because of what she cited as a “lack of evidence” in the case.

It was suspected by many others that there may have been more to this dismissal than just a lack of evidence. Perhaps the judge will have her job maintained after all.

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