VIDEO: Journalist Immediately Ends the Interview When He Spots THIS Out The Corner Of His Eye

Sometimes, a journalist will become part of the news while doing an interview. One journalist decided to cut an interview short after seeing something coming close to him.

The interview was being conducted by a reporter working for BBC. While talking to a woman on a boat, the interview was stopped when the journalist saw something moving in the air.

Both of them screamed over the sight over the water. The interview was with a woman who takes people on whale watching tours. As the woman begins speaking, the journalist alerts her to stop. He had heard from the helicopter pilot that there was a blue whale in the area. When the camera pans out and the shot changes to the view from the helicopter, you can see the whale in the water. The journalist soon sees the whale. He begins giving a little of the history of the animal.

It is one of the most extraordinary sights that he has seen. The whale gradually comes out of the water for a brief moment. You can see the beauty of the animal and the large size of the animal. The tour guide had been told that there were no blue whales in the area until they saw this one. The final moments of the video show the whale diving to the bottom of parts of the ocean to feed.

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