VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Asks Children A Very Tough Question… Which Parent Do They Love More

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel could have possibly made things at the dinner table a little more awkward for some kids and their parents. Unsuspecting families were recently stopped on the street and asked about whether they would prefer to spend time with their mother or father.

The results showed that three out of four of the children preferred spending time with their mother. It seemed as though some of the children were hesitant to say that they preferred to spend time with their mother.

Jimmy Kimmel made a joke saying that if dad breastfed, he would probably be the parent that most children preferred. He also brought up the fact that while $21 billion are spent each year on mothers day, only $12 billion are spent on Father’s Day.

There are also a couple other explanations as to why many children would prefer to spend time with their mother. Mothers typically spend more time with their children than fathers. They also take care of their children when they are sick. Additionally, mothers carry their child inside of the womb for nine months, which is why they may feel more of a connection to the child than the father.

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