VIDEO: I’ve Seen Many Renditions Of Hallelujah But This One Left Me With My Hairs Standing Up

In the 1980s, few singers ruled the music scene like Jon Bon Jovi. The New Jersey native and his band of the same name climbed to the top of the charts with songs like “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

Now in the 21st Century, Bon Jovi could have another big hit on his hands.

The Bon Jovi Vevo channel on YouTube has the veteran rocker performing the classic ballad “Hallelujah.” First recorded in 1984 – right around the time Bon Jovi began to hit it big – by Leonard Cohen, this song has made the rounds throughout American pop culture. It has been used in the soundtracks of a variety of films.

The original version had mild success after its release, then had more success in 1994 when covered by Jeff Buckley, then became a mega hit in 2008 when Jason Castro sang it on an episode of American Idol .

The live version performed by Bon Jovi is done in an even lower key than Castro’s rendition, a departure from his usual singing style, but it still invokes awe when heard. The subtle use of guitars and a violin accompanying Bon Jovi’s voice just adds to the overall emotion of the song.

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