VIDEO: I’ve Seen Ellen Laugh Hard Before. But Never As Hard As When Her Guest Does THIS!

Actress Amy Schumer appeared on the Ellen Show April 12 and hilariously plowed through topics from aging to eating. Her blunt, self-deprecating, humorous observations about herself and her life had Ellen and the audience riveted and laughing.

Initially, the interview started off calmly enough with Amy discussing her inability to move to LA because she physically doesn’t fit in. She claimed that her arms qualified as legs in LA. And then things got carried away as she just kept going, and Ellen was more than happy to let her.

Amy went on to discuss aging and how we view sexual harassment differently in our thirties. Instead of being offended by whistling construction workers, now at thirty, she tries to illicit comments from them.

More hilarity was to follow when Miss Schumer was comparing herself to Dianna Agron at a Laker game. Dianna was described as beautiful and angelic, while Amy described herself as having a scowl for her resting face and an “at risk” chin.

Dating was the final topic that Amy approached. She was shy and admitted to not joining any dating sites, except for an app called “Food Spotting.” This is where a person is alerted to specific food in the area. She had her eye on a scone that looked exactly like its picture.

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