VIDEO: I’ve Been To Many Weddings, But Never Have I Seen A Best Man Speech Quite Like This

Most best man’s speeches are just that, speeches. However, Daniel Buccheri decided to do something different. He sang a song that was full of both emotion and humor. He incorporates things that happened in his childhood with his brother, and what he saw of his brother’s relationship with his new wife, Sarah, when it was first beginning.

He acknowledges that she obviously makes his brother very happy, and that when she first came into his life, he could tell just how much his brother loved her.

Daniel inserts enough humor in this song to make people laugh at multiple points, but he also makes it very emotional and makes it very clear how much his brother means to him. His overall message is that his brother is very important to him, and he is so very happy that his brother is happy with his wife, whom he is welcoming into the family with open arms.

This was such a creative and touching way to show his love for his brother and welcome his new sister-in-law to the family. It must have taken quite a bit of effort to write this song, but it is clear that he is very talented.

It is amazing how well he sings, not to mention how well he plays the piano at the same time. The groom and his new bride will definitely remember this amazing tribute for the rest of their lives, and what an amazing sendoff from the best man into married life!

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