VIDEO: I’ve Always Wanted To Do What He Did To An Obnoxious Cell Phone Talker

Most people are usually on their phone in public for hours, and some people often forget how long they can be talking to somebody.

A guy decided to play a little trick on these people, so he decided to do something funny to each person on the phone. As he sits next to somebody on the phone, he begins replying to the person and what they are saying while he pretends to be talking to someone on his phone.

When one girl is talking on her phone, he replies exactly to what the person on the phone may reply to her with. It’s a funny video that reminds people about what they may look like while on the phone. The guy who decided to fulfill the prank to these unknown people clearly respected them and didn’t go too far. He wasn’t obnoxious in any way to these people, and that is what made the video interesting.

The prankster had actually gone up to more than just a few people in this video. He made sure to do it to multiple people of different ethnic backgrounds. It was intesting to see how different people have different reactions as to how they perceived how he talked. Some were direct with him and asked if he was just replying back to them while others were very hesitant to ask him until it became extremely obvious.

This little prank may also be considered an experiment to see which people pay attention to others around them while on the phone. Watch the video and enjoy a quick laugh.

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