VIDEO: It’s Rare To Find A Teacher That Becomes Your Best Friend. This Teacher Is That Person

The Coolest teacher ever depicts a very savvy teacher. He dances through the halls of his school with many different students. He does not discriminate against any of them. They seem to drop off when they come to their classrooms.

They each have different color shirts on in this video. There is at one point in this video a child who is in a wheelchair. He even gets up out of his wheelchair to do the hand movements. Because he is in this group, they do not move down the halls of the school. This depicted a caring not only by this teacher but also be his fellow students.

This teacher is the type that we need in every school. He digs down deep into his soul and uses what these students like,music, in order to be able to make a difference not only in them but in the school. Every student as they dance down the corridors of the school with the teacher to this funk rock song, has the dance steps down and each and every one of them have a smile on their faces.

More teachers like this need to be able to focus on the likes of the students. This may keep them in school and the teachers would be able to get the best out of their students if they felt that they were understood as individuals and not just numbers which would get the school some financing. Each of the students is unique.

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