VIDEO: It’s Just Another Day Driving Around With His Daughter. Then The Music Started…

It is clear that the father-daughter relationship is a special one, but teenage girls are still very often embarrassed by their fathers. The majority of them would probably think it embarrassing when their fathers sing in the car. However, this father and daughter are different, as she actually likes it when he is singing with her.

The song playing is “Timber” by Ke$ha. The song comes on, and the daughter starts singing to it. The father actually looks somewhat annoyed, but it is clear after a little bit that he is not. He is just sitting there silently and driving as she is singing along with the radio, but then he very suddenly joins in and starts rapping himself. It is quite hilarious how this happens, because it is not expected at all from anyone who is watching the video.

For the rest of the video, father and daughter are just singing the song. It is great to see them enjoying themselves so much, and they actually do quite a good job with the song as well. It is entertaining to watch their rendition of this pop song, and it shows just how much fun people can have doing nothing more than singing along with the radio in the car.

It is heartening to see these two having such great quality time together, and hopefully we will be seeing more duets from them in the future. It would be great to see their takes on other songs as well.

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