VIDEO: It Was Just Another Day On The Subway. Then Watch The Guy On The Right. Incredible!

Many people hate public transportation. After all, it is often dirty, there are all sorts of strange people, and you have to adhere to the transit schedule instead of being able to go places whenever you want. However, occasionally, incidents happen on public transportation that seem to make it all worth it.

On this subway train in New York City, the Broadway cast of The Lion King happened to be there with the rest of the riders. They ended up surprising everyone with a spontaneous performance of “Circle of Life.” New York City is known for occasional flashmobs, but this is a fairly rare occurrence. It typically does not happen on the subway train by talented people who sing on stage for a living and are classically trained.

This performance is absolutely stunning, and it is impressive considering that they were able to do it on a moving subway train. The people in the car with them are probably so glad that they ended up on that particular train at that particular time. They thought that they were just getting on the subway to go from point A to point B, but in the process, they all got a memory that will probably last a lifetime.

It is so great that these performers decided to entertain everyone on the train the way they did. People’s lives are full of drudgery, and this performance probably brightened the days of many, who got a free mini-view of a Broadway play en route.

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