VIDEO: It Looks Like An Ordinary Lawn Filled With Snow. Then I Saw THIS. HA HA!

A Jack Russell Terrier named Kia is full of surprises. This hilarious video will give you a good chuckle when see this funny little dog. Kia does not let the snow get in the way of her having a little winter fun as she attempts to find her tennis ball. Kia might be a tiny little thing but her determination will amaze you.

A cute and adorable terrier romping through what appears to be an ordinary field of snow looks more like a dog doing the bunny-hop. This is one dog who has a definite mission and the field of snow is not going to stop Kia from fetching her tennis ball. Will this terrier accomplisher her goal?

Will she actually find what she is looking for? This is one spunky little pup who does not seem to let her small size and the large field of snow bother her. She really does look sweet as she makes her way through the snow and attempts to find her tiny tennis ball amongst the of white blanket.

You will find yourself grinning as you watch this escapade. If you love small dogs having a great time in a snow filled field then you will enjoy this video. Break up the cold and have a good laugh.

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