VIDEO: Internet Bullies Laughed At Her In Her Prom Dress, Then This Happened And She Got Revenge

Unfortunately, there are many bullies in this world. There are people who will poke fun at others who have done nothing to them, and no one really knows why. Perhaps they are unhappy and want to spread the misery, whether their targets deserve it or not. Many bullies will lash out at people for something that can be very sensitive – appearance.

Eighteen year old Kristen Layne, from Goodlettsville, Tennessee, was one such target. She posted pictures online of herself in her junior prom dress, a lovely purple gown that went all the way to the floor. She posted this in classified ads while she was trying to sell it. She had originally picked this dress because she felt like a princess while wearing it, and she was planning to use the proceeds to pay for her senior prom dress.

However, soon after the posting, there were two men who made mean-spirited comments about her appearance in the comments section. She tells WSMV, “These two men were just saying some very hateful things, just telling me I was fat and that I wasn’t beautiful.” She responded with a lot of grace, saying, “Can you please stop with the comments? Sorry that I’m not pleasing to your eye.”

Within minutes, there were hundreds of people who started complimenting her and defending her to the bullies. She ended up raising over $2,000 in her GoFundMe campaign for her senior prom dress, showing that there are good people out there too.

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