VIDEO: I’ll Never Braid My Hair The Same Way Again After Seeing The Way She Showed Me. WHOA!

There are many hairstyles that we see that leave us wondering “how did she do that?” Now, you can have one of these hairstyles. Amber Fillerup has multiple hair tutorials on YouTube, and she has one that tells you how to make a stacked braid. Essentially, this is two braids on top of one another, and though it looks like a fancy and complex hairstyle, it is really quite easy to make.

Start off by brushing through your hair and make sure that all of the tangles are gone. Then, take a section from the bottom left corner of your hair and clip it up or separate it from the rest of your hair in some other way. Then, divide the rest of your hair into two sections and braid those two sections normally (make sure you do not make the braid too tight, though).

Once that part of your hair is braided (all but the section you set aside), pull the braid apart a bit so that it is loose. Take the section of hair that is separated, and braid that one as well. Secure both braids together with bobby pins; try to hide the bobby pin as much as you can so as to avoid detracting from the “natural” look of the stacked braid. You can pull everything apart even more if you would like the illusion of a larger braid.

As you can see, this impressive hairstyle is quite simple to put together. You should try it!

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