VIDEO: IF You Thought This Was Just A Coffee Table You’d Be Very Wrong. SO COOL!

It is no secret that many homes simply don’t have enough space in them to house all of the things the owners want. That’s why furniture pieces that can pull double duty are so hot right now. One of the newest pieces of furniture that has hit the market is by Duffy, London, and this awesome piece is a coffee table that actually converts to a dining table that seats six people.

Since many homes no longer feature formal dining rooms, it can be difficult to have sit down dinner parties when entertaining. However, this coffee table makes entertaining a breeze. This stylish and chic dining table is certainly a lot nicer than a plastic, folding table! The best part is that when the meal is over, the table can be converted back to a coffee table, so there is plenty of room for everyone to sit, dance and converse.

This coffee table is perfect for studio apartments that may not have space for a table or for homes with no defined spaces for dining tables.

These coffee tables can sit in the living room or family room until they need to be used for dining, and then they can easily be moved anywhere there is space to put the chairs around them. These tables work hard when space is hard to find.

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