VIDEO: If You Think Rice Krispies Treats Are Good, This Version Will Blow Your Mind. YUMMY!

Regular Rice Krispie Treats can never compete with this version made with Oreos! This woman shows how to substitute Oreos for Rice Krispies to make Cookies and Cream Marshmallow Bars.

These bars require only three ingredients: 500g bag of Oreo cookies, 400g bag of marshmallows, and 1/4 c of butter. The marshmallows can be either mini or regular; the regular will just take slightly longer to melt.

First, combine marshmallows and butter in a bowl. Microwave until mixture is smooth, stopping to stir every thirty seconds. While microwaving, chop cookies into bite-size pieces. Pour cookies into marshmallow mixture. Stir until evenly coated.

Prepare an 8×8 square pan by lining it with plastic wrap and then greasing it with butter. A 9×9 pan can be used, but the bars will be thinner. It is also helpful to put a glove on one hand to help press down batter. Make sure to grease the glove.

Press batter into pan until flat and even. Allow to cool for a couple hours. The pan can be put in the refrigerator to speed up this process.

Slice up bars to serve. Add raspberries, mint leaves, and extra cookies for garnish.
This simple recipe turns regular Rice Krispie Treats into a dessert fit for any occasion!

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