VIDEO: If This Happened To Be On TV I Would Be Beyond Embarrassed. OH MY! LOL!

A variety of people go to the beach every year. These are people who come from several different walks of life including teachers, doctors, housewives and others. When someone asked beachgoers a few history questions, the responses were a little surprising.

The questions were asked over Memorial Day weekend, a time when most people probably think about the history of the country or have some type of history on their mind. Most of the questions that were asked were relate to war since the holiday allows Americans to remember the people who have fought for the freedom of the country.

Some of the people questioned don’t understand the full magnitude of just how much soldiers have given when it comes to freedom. There are some things that most schools teach students before they enter high school or at least by the time they graduate, but the people questioned were either absent on the days that history was taught or they just didn’t listen to the teacher.

One of the questions was about who America fought in the Revolutionary War. The answer is Britain. They were also asked about George Washington and his job. Some of the answers that were given to the questions asked didn’t make sense at all, and it could make others wonder what is taught in schools.

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