VIDEO: IF My Kid Ever Did This To Me In Public, He’d Be Punished For The Rest Of His Life

Almost everyone has seen misbehaving children in public. For some people, it is annoying to watch this, and others feel either sympathy or disgust for the parents. This child’s behavior in public is absolutely atrocious, and his mother does not seem to be doing anything to stop the behavior or discipline him. It is hard to know whether to feel sorry for her, because she has to deal with that on a daily basis, or feel a little bit of disgust, because she’s not really doing anything to stop it.

The child has accompanied his mother as she is running errands, and while she is talking to a receptionist, he will not leave her alone. He keeps tugging at her and pulling on her clothes. She tries to go on with what she was doing, but he keeps screaming and pulling at her.

The mother makes a couple of mild attempts to calm him down, but he will not slow down with the tantrum at all. In fact, it gets worse, as he starts running around, flailing around, and actually runs up to a table with magazines on it and knocks everything off of the table in a rage.

When they are ready to go, the kid just runs out, and the mother runs out after him. It is clear that this is not the first time that this has happened, and it probably will not be the last either. Hopefully this mother learns how to discipline her child soon.

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