VIDEO: I Wasn’t Sure What She Was Doing When Getting Ready, But Now It Makes Sense. WOW

This article was created to help men and women see that there is true beauty within us, that we don’t need to look like the models in magazines or have the perfect body for people to love us. In this video, we see a woman who is unhappy with herself and her body.

She tries on multiple outfits but she doesn’t like any of them on her. She receives a call from the man she will be going on a date with. He informs her that if they would like to have dinner plans for a certain restaurant, then they would have to move their reservations earlier.

She is no where near ready and panics when she sees she has thirty minutes to prepare for her date. She starts to get ready and completely breaks down after looking in the mirror and not liking what she sees. She puts her face cream on her face and begins to cry. When she looks up, to see that her face has been altered by the cream.

Once she realizes that the cream has given her the ability change her appearance, she starts to form herself to look like the models within the magazine on her shelf. When her date finally shows up, he stands at the door, knocking for a few minutes waiting for her to open and let him in.

She stands gazing at her new model self in the mirror. She catches a glimpse of herself from an old picture and suddenly realizes that this new her is not real and not her. When she opens to door to her date, she looks beautiful and is completely herself.

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