VIDEO: I Was Ready For A Giant Fight. But What Happened When A Deer Ran Up To My Dog? WOW!

It seems natural that a bigger animal would attack a smaller one. However, that is not always the case. There is a video of a Great Dane and fawn playing to prove that big animals and small animals can sometimes be friends. One day, a young fawn that was abandoned by its mother decided to go in a backyard that had a Great Dane named Kate.

Most people assume that Kate and the fawn would be afraid of each other or attack each other. However, the two actually became friends, and they play together. The woman filming the deer and dog playing stated that when the two greet each other, it is not like a deer greeting a another deer or a dog greeting another dog. It is something totally different.

She also stated that she was surprised when she saw the fawn and dog playing together. She says that it seems as thought the two have a special bond to each other. Additionally, the bond between the deer and the Great Dane is unlike anything she has seen before.

The clip of the deer and dog playing is from a show called “Animal Odd Couples.” The show comes on PBS on Wednesdays.

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