VIDEO: I Was Certain These Wolves Were Going To Tear Her Apart. But What Happened? NO WAY!

Sometimes, animals get extremely excited when they’ve been away from “their humans” for long periods of time. The same can be said for the wolves in this video that hadn’t seen a woman they know in quite some time.

In the video, a woman named Anita is shown being affectionate with a group of wolves. Before the video was taken, Anita had worked at an attraction called Polar Park (where the video was shot). At the time of the video, Anita had just returned from a two month long period of being away from Polar Park. In the video, she returns, and she is also given an extremely warm welcome by her wolves.

The wolves spot her in the beginning of the video, and immediately, Anita kneels as they approach. The wolves become very excited with cries and licks of joy. This video is one of the most beautiful things you’ll likely ever see on the internet.

You’ll quickly notice that as Anita gets kisses from her wolves, she keeps opening her mouth. By opening her mouth, she exhibits a wolf trait that tells the animals she’s being affectionate. If she had received the kisses from the wolves with a closed mouth, the animals may have wrongly perceived her as a threat.

This is surely a beautiful display of companionship between humans and animals. Click “Share” to show your family and friends!

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