VIDEO: I Used To Suffer Terrible Stuffy Noses. Then I Learned THIS Trick And I Never Suffered Again

A stuffy nose is one of the many unpleasant things that comes along with cold and flu season. Many people believe that the build up of mucus is what causes a stuffy nose.

However, a stuffy nose is actually caused by inflamed blood vessels. Allergies, a cold or sinus infection are examples of some of the things that can cause blood vessel inflammation. Regardless of what causes your stuffy nose, there are ways that you can clear it.

Amy Rushlow, who works for, has given a few simple tips for unclogging a stuffy nose. She has stated that you can clear your nose by using your tongue to touch the tip of your mouth. At the same time, you will need to use your index finger to touch your forehead. This causes a bone in your head to rock back and forth, which will clear your nose.

You can also clear a stuffy nose by holding your breath. While you are holding your breath, you should pinch your nose. The brain will soon realize that it is not getting enough oxygen. It will then go into survival mode, which will help clear your nose and get everything back to normal.

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