VIDEO: I Thought This Was A Normal Tree, Then Something Spectacular Happened. WOW!

A man in the Netherlands noticed what looked like leaves falling from a bare tree. But this couldn’t be so all of the trees were naked. The colorful fall leaves had already fallen. He soon noticed these weren’t leaves but birds slowly exciting the tree in small groups.

He figured he better capture this on video and thankfully he did. The birds begin to exit one by one and in little groups. But next what happens is amazing. It’s as if the birds counted to three and planned this perfect departure. All of a sudden the birds simultaneously begin flying off of the tree.

In what looks like a beautifully choreographed dance. They all seem to know what direction to go, some go up and some go down opening a fan in the sky.

They meet together high up in the sky and quickly disappear together, staying close by one another. The reaction of the man is priceless. He sounds like a small child seeing such a incident for the first time. One can tell he just witnessed something he will never forget and we are thankful he shared this with the world. These birds made a gloomy, dismal day bright and beautiful.

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