VIDEO: I Thought This Was A Gas Station And Walked Inside. What We Found AMAZED Me

Older gas stations have a lot of potential if the right person buys them. They can be remodeled and turned back into a gas station that people will be able to use, or they can be transformed into an entirely different kind of business that is beneficial for the community. One man bought an old gas station, and he decided to turn it into a space to live.

The old station is located in the French Quarter of Louisiana. When he made the decision to buy the building, his son didn’t completely agree, but he supported his father. He knew how he wanted the inside to look, and he made a video showing the beauty of his hard work.

The inside was in good condition, but the man knew he needed to do some work that included painting and putting up walls. Some of the items from the gas station were used in the home.

There is a modern kitchen, but there are some emblems from old cars that adorn the walls and the appliances. Some of the pulls are emblems as well. Toys cars are placed in resin and hung on the walls. There are amny features in the entire home that incorporate parts of the old gas station, combining a home and an older business together.

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