VIDEO: I Thought She Was About To Be Eaten Alive. What These Wolves Do? I Am Shocked!!

There is a woman who frequently visits wolves at a zoo. It’s called the Polar Park, and it’s known as the most northern zoo in the world.

Many of the animals that live in the zoo are accustomed to cold weather as it’s situated in one of the coldest climates on the planet. These animals include deer, reindeer, elk and bear. This woman isn’t as interested in the other animals as she is the wolves. They seem to sense her coming to visit them.

After being away from the park for a few months, she went back to try to get back in a routine of working. When she approached the wolves, they started licking and tackling her to the ground, but they were doing it in a playful way. This isn’t behavior that you will see in wolves of the wild.

They don’t normally let people touch them, let alone let people approach them to pat them on the head. These animals are endangered, and it’s important that there are people like this woman who take the time to show that they care about the animals in the park.

While she doesn’t appear as a threat, it’s not advisable to go near a wolf in the wild or even in captivity because they can quickly change their demeanor.

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