VIDEO: I Thought I’ve Seen Every Bacon Recipe Out There, Then I Was Shown THIS. Oh My Lord!

Where on earth would the universe be without the almighty king of the meats? Bacon is forever reigning in our hearts and minds, and mostly, in our stomachs. It brings weak or boring foods to life, like the water chestnut or the dreaded brussels sprout.

It adds the unexpected vibrance of flavor to even the sweet desserts we love, such as brownies or cake. It is the tuxedo on that ordinary breakfast food, and it’s no wonder that even this conqueror of meats stands to improve upon its friends– the delicious cow and its glorious cheese.

Yes, bacon lovers, you read that right. Simply combine beef and cheese, wrap it in the piggy king we call bacon, smother it with BBQ sauce and you have the answer to the universe. It isn’t 42, it’s this exceptional recipe.

Witness the magic of another magnificent new recipe, the thing every bacon-lover is constantly searching for. Let this be the bomb of the taste buds that will be the talk of every party to come for the next decade. Watch the delicious majesty unfold in the video, and go forth into the world to spread this bacon joy with friends and family everywhere!

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