VIDEO: I Thought It Was A Joke When They Stepped On Stage. But This Happened. NO WAY!

A band of five North Korean children are playing “Our Kindergarten Teacher” on their guitars in a video with around 31 million views. These North Korean children are playing the guitars too big for their size with amazing talent at their age.

However, these children play in creepy synchronization with their head movements and facial expression. The children are adorable playing big guitars with incredible talent but their unnatural cheerful facial expressions while they move their heads side to side makes the video a lot more disturbing. In addition, the children are styled as younger men and women especially the boys with their hair parted to the side in white and red sailor outfits.

It is no surprise that children from North Korea perform a song perfectly in synchronization in a robotic manner. For many decades, North Korea is known for its harsh living conditions and the strong citizens’ obedience towards their dictator.

A single disobedience towards the dictator could cross the line between life and death for many people and the children may had no choice but practice diligently whether they actually enjoy playing the guitar or not. The North Korean children playing in the video can be seen as adorable and talented but it can also be disturbing and pitiful as well.

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