VIDEO: I Thought He Was Just Walking His Dog, Then I Took Another Look And I Was A Wreck

It is always wonderful and heartwarming to see an example of the love between a human and a dog. Though a lot of people see dogs as nothing more than animals and do not think that the bond is as special as that between two humans, this is not always the case.

Loois the pit bull was in an accident, and during a surgery afterwards, he became a paraplegic dog. Though many dog owners, understandably, feel sad for their dogs in these situations but are probably not willing to do everything possible to maximize the dog’s quality of life, Craig Mosher was an exception.

He wanted to do everything possible to make sure that his beloved companion had the best life possible. As a result, he basically schedules everything he does around Loois and his needs.

He purchased a wheelchair from K9 Carts, which cost more than $220. He also uses a harness for Loois’s walks and for playing fetch in the garage, which is about $35. It is not clear exactly what his financial situation is, but he does not skimp at all when it comes to his dog.

Perhaps even more touching than all of the things he physically does is the way he speaks about it. He never expresses any resentment over the situation and having to do all of these things, but he is just constantly full of gratitude for what his dog has contributed to his life. This is a true example of loving selflessness.

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