VIDEO: I Rarely Laugh At People Dancing. But This Dad? I Am Crying From Laughing So Hard. LOL!

One dad has received the nickname “Jiggly Boy.” That seems like the appropriate nickname because in 2003, he attended a Timberwolves game. When his team scored and the cameraman approached him, he started dancing. He wanted to take full advantage of his 30 seconds of fame. The crowd went wild, and he even took off his shirt. Security escorted him out of the building.

Twelve years later, he is still known as “Jiggly Boy.” He recently attended another basketball game and supported his favorite team The Timberwolves. He was excited to see his favorite player Kevin Garnett. He started dancing once again. His two young son joined in with him.

He is spotted by a cameraman, but he waves it away. He gives the impression that he does not want to be seen again. However, his two young sons encourage him to continue dancing in front of the camera. He gives people another show that they will remember.

The dad once again takes off his shirt. He has Kevin Garnett’s name written on his chest. Even Kevin Garnett showed his approval. The hilarious two minute video has gone viral on the Internet. It has been shared over 3,400 times on Facebook.

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