VIDEO: I Rarely Find New Music I Like These Days. But THIS? Blew Me Away!

Many country music artists got their start in Nashville, Tennessee and it is still a major tourist destination for fans. In fact, a famous Swedish music artist traveled there both to film a documentary and to enjoy a big of history. Jill Johnson came across a homeless man sitting in a local park.

She quickly learned that he was also a musician and asked him to perform for her. Johnson was blown away by Doug Seeger’s performance of a song that he wrote. Without hesitating, Johnson whisked Seeger away to a recording studio and put him to work straight away.

She assisted him in getting a Swedish record deal, that went gold, and releasing his hit song. Seeger is one lucky guy to have gone from homeless to a signed artist in the company of a beautiful singer all in one day. What is ironic is how Seeger is virtually unknown in the U.S., his home and birthplace of country music.

It makes one wonder if our country overlooks very talented individuals in all fields because of their appearance or background. Regardless of the reason, Seeger is a happy man with plenty of Swedish fans readily anticipating his next album release.

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