VIDEO: I Normally Don’t Cry But This Video Completely Made Me Lose It. UGH

Alzheimers is a horrific disease that effects on average one in nine people over the age of 65 within the United States. As of today there is no cure for this debilitating disease, and while this story is utterly heartbreaking, the love and commitment exhibited by this man for his wife is truely insprirational.

Director and son Banker White, created this short film “A Marriage to Remember” in honor of their relationship and in rememberance of his parent’s marriage. Ed and Pam are just average every day Americans, but Ed’s devotion to his wife as she progresses through the stages of Alzheimers, allows viewers just a glimpse of the love that Ed feels for her as she is slowly slipping away.

In a day and age where marriage is considered disposable and an open ended arrangement that can be annulled the next day; this man examplifys what a true marriage is about. There are going to be good days, maybe even some great ones, but a relationship is going to be tested continually through time.

Ed shows exactly what it means when he vowed to Pam to remain by her side till death do us part, and in sickness and health. True love isn’t always pretty, but the strength and determination that arises from it is nothing less then beautiful.

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