VIDEO: I Never Knew IT Was Possible To Tie Your Shoes In Under 2 Seconds Until I Saw This. WOW!

Once footwear reserved for sports, sneakers aren’t just for athletes anymore. They are the everyday shoe choice of people on the go. They are comfortable to wear, they give great foot support, and they come in tons of fashionable colors and styles to choose from.

Unfortunately, shoes laces can be such a hassle to have to tie, especially for little kids. But by using this simple cat’s cradle like shoe lace tying technique, even a child will be tying up their shoe laces in 2 seconds flat. Step 1)

Start off with tying your shoe laces as usual with a granny knot, then let the laces lie flat on either side of the shoe. Step 2) To make the bows, place your hands on either side of the shoe, palms facing upwards, then hook your little fingers underneath the laces next to them. Step 3)

Next, pinch your pointer finger and thumb together on either hand, then have the two pinched fingers on the left hand go under the left lace, hooking it behind the left thumb. Next, have the two pinched fingers on the right hand go under the right shoe lace and hook it behind that thumb, so the laces are twisted once around either side. Step 4)

Open you thumb and index fingers on either hand then bring your hands together. Pinch the opposing shoelace, in a cat’s cradle like fashion, and pull your hands back away from each other to tighten the bows.

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