VIDEO: I Never Knew A Toddler Could Do THIS With A Puppy. I’m Smilling Ear To Ear

Kids surprise us with the cute things they do. Dogs are also unpredictable and create amusing events. Kids and dogs just go together especially if they are both the same size. The bond between a child and his or her dog is very special. As a child and his or her puppy grow up together, the bond of friendship and love they share grows stronger each year. In this video, the friendship and trust between a little girl and her dachshund are shown.

A little girl about two years old is dressed in a cute pink and white striped sleeveless shirt, blue pants and white shoes. She is pushing a small pink stroller meant for dolls.

Instead of her favorite doll, she is giving a ride to her dachshund puppy. The pup seems to be very relaxed while sitting up on his hind legs in the stroller. The child’s mother is also seen walking alongside them and straightening the path of the stroller. It appears that they are taking their stroll either on a large concrete driveway or road.

This video is a good example of how dogs are fun playmates for kids. The expressions on the little girl’s face are priceless. She takes very seriously the task of strolling with her canine friend.

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