VIDEO: I Nearly Passed Out When I Cut Into This Cake And Found THIS Inside

Watermelon is a delicious fruit and while it might go into a lot of fruit salads, it is perfect to make a mock fruit cake. It is healthy and nutritious, not to mention delicious in every way possible. Here is a recipe of a lovely watermelon dessert that can be finished under 15 minutes –

• Ingredients:

 Watermelon
 Kiwi
 Slivered Almonds
 Icing
 Blueberries
 Strawberries
 Blackberries

• Steps:

 Cut the rind off the watermelon so that you are left with just the juicy middle. You can use a Springform cake ring to ensure that the shape is just perfectly cylindrical. There is no need to be too nitpicky about this since you are going to cover it all up in the following steps.

 Use icing to spread all over the cake and make sure that you smooth it using a palette knife.

 Pat the slivered almonds along the side of the cake until it is completely covered. If you plan on using decorative frosting beads at the bottom, they should go before the almonds.

 Add the blueberries along the circumference of the cake on top. Cut your strawberries in halves and place them on top of the cake, circling the perimeter. On the inside, use blackberries and leave a little space in the middle to add the kiwis.

 Add chocolate sprinkles on top if you want.

The decoration completely depends on the baker’s personal aesthetic. Also, using fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries would really bring out the flavor of this recipe.

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