VIDEO: I HATE Spiders, But This Video Left Me Cracking Up And A Little Less Afraid. HA!

Most people, at least here in America, cannot deal with spiders. It is almost an inbred fear we have of them.. But they are amazing creatures. Each ones have different characteristics that allow it to camouflage itself from their prey and also from the creatures that prey on them. In the video seen here you are introduced to a Six-eyed sand spider.

He is desperately trying to hide. In this video it looks as though he feels vulnerable and needs to hide.

Here you see it scratching he is trying to dig in and bury himself for protection.

Six-eyed sand spiders can flatten their bodies to make this job easier but the spider here cannot find enough loose sand to gather around himself. Scratching also provides a depression in the sand for the largest part of his body once he gets the width and depth right for his body size he then turns flattening himself into the depression; you finally see it cover most of itself up with the loose sand that it has available

A spider of any kind should only be carefully handled by knowledgeable people knowing which spiders are poisonous and which are harmless and handle them accordingly.

The Six-eyed sand spider does not bite humans and there have only been two cases where they have actually been accused of biting a human but there are no proven cases and the culprit of the two bites was never identified. This spider is unusual.

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