VIDEO: I Had No Idea You Could Use Tennis Balls To Hang Up Your Shoes In A Closet!

There are many useful products designed to make our lives easier. The moldable glue Sugru is definitely one of them. It is designed to be very easy to work with and has a consistency similar to what you would see in Play-Doh. But when it dries, it becomes a very sturdy adhesive.

It is so versatile that many believe it could make adhesive tape and traditional glue obsolete in the future. A video clip posted online shows that it can adhere to a variety of objects, such as electrical cords and tennis balls. Its moldable properties allow it to be transformed into any shape you want, meaning that you can even use it to create sculptures. It’s a useful product to have around the house and can also be used for creative projects with kids due to its bright colors.

The way it works is very simple. Once the glue leaves the packet, it reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere and begins hardening. All that you have to do is to mold it into whatever shape you want it to take before it has completely hardened.

After watching a video presenting Sugru and its multiple uses, many have commented about how useful and practical it can be in daily life. It’s also a lot easier to work with than traditional glue and doesn’t leave behind a sticky mess, which makes it ideal for arts and crafts projects.

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