VIDEO: I Had No Idea This Was Even Possible. She Takes A Old Scarf And Makes THIS! WOW!

Do you have some old t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore? Instead of tossing them in the trash you can make some cool and colorful scarves and or necklaces. You need some t-shirts, fabric scissors, and if desired, fabric paints or glitter.

First, get at least two t-shirts, preferably size x-large or bigger. Wash and dry the shirts. Take the shirts and stretch them out flat. Use the fabric scissors and cut off the bottom seam area, and then cut off the top right under the shirt armpits. You can use fabric paints, glitter, etc. to decorate it. If you use them, let the shirt dry before the next step.

Cut the t-shirts up into one-half to one inch wide loops, this doesn’t have to be precise, but you need at least 13 strips to begin with. Take the strips and gently tug on the end of each strip to get the curls out, and then stack all the strips together. Take the fabric scissors and as you hold all the strips together, cut them all through at one single point.

Find something heavy and anchor the strips together under it. Divide strands into three equal sections. Braid each of the three sections together like you were braiding hair.

Remove anchor and tie ends together by wrapping around one of the stands a few times around the bunch of strands. Tie a double knot, then randomly cut the loose strips hanging down into different lengths, or make it simpler by just looping the strands all around your neck. Voila, you have a scarf or necklace.

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