VIDEO: I Had No Idea THIS Common Ingredient Found In Your House Can Remove Any Skin Tag Easily

If you have looked over your body and noticed one or more skin tags, your not alone. Most men and women will develop some of these pesky little growths at some time in their lives. Fortunately, skin tags can be removed without taking a trip to the doctor. It can be done safely and effectively with a common household product.
Skin tags are essentially flaps that rise above the rest of the skin and resemble little tumors.

They normally grow in areas where skin rubs against things or other parts of the body, or where the skin is naturally creased. This is why they are usually found on the neck or armpit areas, but they can also appear on the eyelids. Although they can appear on infants, skin tags are most common among middle aged men and women and those who are overweight. One person can have from a few to more than 100 on his or her body at one time. Some skin tags fall off on their own, but they are usually permanent fixtures once they appear.

Skin tags are generally harmless and have not been associated with any other skin or health disorder. However, they can be embarrassing if there are enough of them or if they grow in areas that are open to view. They can also be irritated by clothing or jewelry, or by such mundane activities as shaving, which is why the removal of skin tags should be a definite consideration. Doctors can remove skin tags through simple surgical or other medical techniques, but many men and women have discovered a simple way of losing them using a natural solution. The technique uses apple cider vinegar (ACV).

The removal method employs an ACV-soaked cotton ball that is rubbed onto the area where the tags are growing, and which has been first cleaned and thoroughly dried. This procedure should be done two or three times a day, then repeated over a period of three or four days. The tags will initially change to a darker color and should eventually fall off. The cotton ball needs to be saturated with the vinegar to be effective.

It is the acidic nature of the vinegar that destroys the tissue and makes possible the removal of the growth. However, the treatment may also cause some mild itching and stinging, although the side effects can usually be reduced by first diluting the ACV with water. Any serious or long-term irritation or pain should be given medical attention.
The removal of the skin tags should not cause others to grow in the same area. However, some men and women are simply prone to these growths, so you may expect to see them appear at a later time and at a different location on your body.

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