VIDEO I Had No Idea It Was Possible To Turn Old Jeans Into Something Else I Use Everyday!

How many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet or dresser? Do you wear each and every pair? We all have AT LEAST one pair of jeans that we don’t wear but can’t bring ourselves to give up.

Maybe we can’t fit them anymore because we lost (or gained) weight, or these jeans are just too worn out to wear without the risk of something ripping, or maybe they DO have rips in unflattering places… perhaps they are out of style and there’s no way we’d be caught dead wearing them but they have SO MUCH sentimental value we just can’t part with them!

Have you thought about up-cycling your jeans? Yes, even the old ripped jeans – make them into something new! A step-by-step tutorial by Innova Crafts shows us how to make adorable bags with our old jeans. You don’t need a sewing machine, and even those of us with very little crafting skills can do it!

Armed with scissors, a needle and sewing thread, the old jeans, and embellishments to add flare, you can create something useful out of these old things that were just taking up space. You could make a few of these in an afternoon, the process is so easy and fun! Decorate the bags with different embellishments or make matching bags for your nieces, daughters, or you and your best friend! Everyone will ask where you got the awesome bag and you will get to say you made it yourself. Impressive!

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