VIDEO: I Had No Idea An Octopus Could Do This With Shells They Find On The Ocean Floor!

There is no limit to the imagination that is displayed by the creatures living in the wild oceans of the world. This is especially true of a sea creature known as the veined octopus, a variety of octopus which is native to the waters surrounding Indonesia. A group of scuba divers who were recently exploring along the ocean floor in these waters were able to observe and capture on film the unique way that the veined octopus, which is a nocturnal predator, protects itself during daylight hours.

The divers are able to capture on video the amazing journey that the veined octopus must take on a daily basis, scooting along the sands of the ocean floor, searching for empty seashells which he can then use to climb into in order to avoid being noticed by predators.

Many of the shells he encounters are too small to do him much good. This particular variety of octopus has been nicknamed Kleptopus because it acts like a kleptomaniac in the way that it steals shells to use as protective cover. One of the most interesting images captured by the underwater photographers is that of the octopus finding a large scallop shell in which the top and bottom half are still connected at the hinge.

The very clever octopus is able to quickly slide into the bottom half of the shell, using one of his tentacles to close the top half of the shell in order to hide inside while he takes a nap.

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