VIDEO: I Don’t Often Cry. But Watching Her Hold Her Newborn For the First Time…AMAZING

There are few things as moving as watching a baby’s first year. However, in the case of a baby who was born premature, there is even more of an emotional component. In the case of Ward Miller, his first year will bring the viewers to tears when they see it on camera. It not only shows his journey, but that of his parents as well.

Ward came into this world three and a half months early. This makes him “very preterm” or even “extremely preterm.” At the beginning, he was hooked on to several devices and monitors, because he couldn’t breathe or eat on his own. However, as time goes on, he grows and develops, and even though he’s just a baby, what is seen is truly inspirational.

Even though he started off in the NICU, Ward is now doing very well and is a healthy baby. His parents are very proud of how far he has come, as are the many viewers of the videos they have posted of him.

The fact that Ward is doing so well is very inspirational to other families of preterm babies. It is comforting to know that people who are in this hard situation are not alone. Additionally, it is wonderful to know that some of these babies do very well despite to there difficult beginnings, and they grow up to be just as happy and healthy as any so-called normal baby. After a few years, Ward will be a normal, healthy child.

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